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Kenya Brothers visiting SOKOYO factory

Update time:2018-07-09
On July 6th, 2018, two clients from Kenya visited our factory. Despite it rains heavily, they are still very excited to visit plant.

In the morning, when we were in the car and answer them whether to go to the Yangzhou Marketing Center, they wanted to visit factory directly.

After having lunch together, the clients chatted with Anny about our solar street lights and then saw new design all in one solar street lights which was very good for them and have planned to buy them.

We showed them to visit solar panel workshop and LED production line where Anny explained production process in details.

Also, the clients visited the exhibition room, they said we really have many kinds of products and they like it very much, especially the module design of LED lights.

Then we went to the lithium battery workshop where they saw the production of lithium battery as well as all in two solar street lights. Finally we go to the lamp pole factory.

After visiting our production line, the clients praise Sokoyo highly. 

Compared with others, they are very satisfied with our products and believe that our products’ quality is very high and they are sure the future cooperation will be better and better.

Sokoyo will continuously provide good products and best service.

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